Carnival Hispaniola!

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My photographs from Carnaval in the Dominican Republic are currently on display and for sale at Flagstaff photography Center in Flagstaff, AZ.  They are being used for a fundraiser to support development and relief organizations Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Flagstaff.

The island of Hispaniola, comprised of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is a paradox of vibrant, spirited cultures and of deep poverty and tragedy following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.


Carnival is celebrated each February as a time for Haitians and Dominicans to let loose and attempt to escape the hardships of life.  It has been celebrated on Hispaniola since the mid-1500s, and is thought to be the first place in the New World to hold celebrations. Christian, African, and native Caribbean (Taino) culture and tradition each take a role in Carnival costumes and customs on the island.


The “Carnival Hispaniola” portraits in this exhibition were chosen to show a glimpse into the colorful and unique world of Hispaniola while giving the island (and the fundraiser) human context.


This show is intended to be both a Flagstaff celebration of Carnival and a community effort to support a neighboring island– a chance to help others attempt to escape the hardships of life