Amy S. Martin 

I am Amy. I use my camera’s lens to make the world a little smaller– in hopes to make it more aware and more compassionate.
I create images to bridge physical, social and cultural barriers by connecting subject and audience through the undeniable human condition. My work in international development and conservation has compelled me to share both hard truths and beauty to raise awareness of humanitarian and environmental issues throughout the world. My images are made to serve as a platform for connection, empathy and change.
The majority of my images are not posed, not moved, not manipulated, but spontaneous portraits surrounded by clues to unique existences. They are a gateway to sharing different cultures and circumstances.
My time living in the developing world has secured my desire to continue telling the stories of those that sometimes do not have the voice or platform to do so themselves. I create images in the belief that all human beings deserve the right to honesty, justice, dignity and creativity.
I spent over two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Dominican Republic working in women’s’ health and empowerment. I worked with indigenous mid-wives in Guatemala, as well as medical relief on the border of Haiti immediately after the devastating 2010 earthquake. These experiences have had a profound affect on me and how I use my photography.
When not overseas, I am happiest in Northern Arizona. I have spent many seasons alternating work between the bottom of the Grand Canyon and the top of the San Francisco Peaks. After years as a backcountry ranger at Grand Canyon National Park, I currently work in the conservation of native fish and vegetation in the desert southwest.
Through photography I can impassion a wide audience of people by sharing the hidden story behind issues that I advocate– be it health, the environment, gender equality or social justice. I feel that it is the most important work that I can do in this life and the best way I can spend my energy.




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