Making it Count



At Una Vida, we’re obsessed with the magic that happens when people discover their unique talents and use them to make the world a better place. Our name is rooted in that very idea-  that you only get one life(una vida) and should make it count!  It is this philosophy we strive to impart to each participant who spends time with us in the Dominican Republic.

What does making it count look like?  The truth is that each person’s path, each person’s personal legend will be different (thank you, Paul Coelho). The key is discovering the endeavors that make you feel like your best self, and then channeling those gifts and skills to affect change in your corner of the world.

Over this past year, photographer Amy Martin has done just that by donating her time and talent to capture breathtaking images of our Una Vida community. Her mesmerizing photographs are brimming with compassion, grace, and hope. They convey the dignity of the poor, the nuances of Dominican culture, and the breathtaking beauty of island life.  Thank you, Amy, for gifting us photos that motivate and inspire us to leave our mark on the world.

Food for thought: how are you making your life count?


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